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  • To act in your own best interests. 

  • To make a request and refuse a request. 

  • To be treated fairly and with respect (not bullied or intimidated). 

  • To make a mistake and to change your mind. 

  • To try anything anytime as long as you’re ready to accept the consequences. 

  • Not to have to anticipate others’ needs and wishes. 

  • To design your life and lifestyle. 

  • To meet your needs or to have them met. 

  • To celebrate your worth based on your standards. 

  • To put yourself first sometimes. 

  • To be the final judge of your feelings and accept them as legitimate. 

  • To have and express your own feelings, opinions and convictions. 

  • To protest unfair treatment or criticism. 

  • To interrupt in order to ask for clarification. 

  • To negotiate for change. 

  • To ask for help or emotional support. 

  • To feel or express pain. 

  • To ignore the advice of others. 

  • To receive formal recognition for your work and achievements. 

  • To be alone, even if others would prefer your company. 

  • Not to have to justify yourself to others. 

  • Not to take responsibility for someone else’s problem. 

  • To choose not to respond to a situation. 

  • To be listened to and taken seriously. 

  • To succeed and fail.

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