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Complications of EDs:  Patient Generated List 

1. Circles under eyes 

2. Dry eyes 

3. Not knowing when you’re hungry 

4. Looking at books on nutrition to make yourself feel worse 

5. Pale skin, looking peaked 

6. Sore, sensitive teeth 

7. Worn down teeth 

8. Hair loss 

9. Headaches/head pressure 

10. Dizziness 

11. Palpitations 

12. Thinning body hair 

13. Dry lips 

14. Sores on hands 

15. Dry hair 

16. Dull hair 

17. Blackouts 

18. Growth stops 

19. Constant shaking 

20. Wasting muscles 

21. Feeling cold 

22. Competing against other people with EDs 

23. Using the ED as a game 

24. Pica (eating nonfood) 

25. Stomach pains 

26. Difficulty urinating 

27. Bowels stop working right 

28. Low self-value 

29. Wasted money 

30. Shame and guilt 

31. Lying 

32. Unwanted memories of eating disorder experiences when you go certain places 

33. Sneaking off 

34. Isolating 

35. Sleeping a lot 

36. Low motivation 

37. Smelling like vomit 

38. Living in fear of being found out 

39. Working your schedule around when no one’s there 

40. Feeling disgusting 

41. Accidentally rubbing against a wall and getting hurt or bruised 

42. Hurting when you sit or sleep 

43. Realizing how much the ED is like alcoholism 

44. What if someone notices I’m bingeing when I drive? 

45. What if I kill someone when I drive because of my bingeing? 

46. What if I kill someone because I pass out or get dizzy when I’m driving? 

47. Being obsessed 

48. Planning for the ED consumes your day. 

49. Projecting how hard you are on yourself onto others 

50. Falling and looking beaten 

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