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Keeping Kids Safe From Abuse 

Tips for kids 

* You don't have to keep secrets from your parents. No one can hurt your parents or your pets if you tell what happened. 
* No one should touch you in the parts covered by your bathing suit, and you should not be asked to touch anyone there. 
* Say "No" clearly and firmly if someone tries to touch you in ways that make you feel frightened, uncomfortable, or confused. Then tell an adult you trust about what happened. 
* Stay with other people when going places or playing outside. Always use the "buddy system." 

Tips for parents 

* Listen to and talk with your children every day. Good communication between you and your children is the most important way to keep them safe from sexual abuse. Children as young as 2 years old can understand concepts related to abuse. Talk to them -- children who have accurate information can learn to avoid or stop sexual advances. 
* Tell your children that some adults they know, trust, and love -- such as a friend, a baby-sitter, a relative, a coach or a teacher -- might try to touch them inappropriately. Try not to scare your children. 

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