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Staying Grounded 

(Williams & Poijula, 2002) 

The word grounded means staying present in the current time, in contrast to “spacing out” or dissociating. You may have some particular ways to remain present when things come up that remind you of your negative experiences. Here are some suggestions.


· Using all your senses to be aware of your physical environment, and then talking to others about it. 

· Being aware of your physical body. 

· Being aware of your movements in space as you walk. 

· Making a plan for the day and sharing that plan with another. 

· Challenging yourself to a contest to increase the length of time you can remain in the present. 

· Watching television and telling yourself or others what you saw. 

· Doing routine activities in a different way; e.g., cleaning the house in a different order. 

· Asking others to help you stay connected to them. 

· Talking to yourself about the present. 

· Planting your feet as firmly as you can on the ground in the here and now. 

· Other ideas:

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